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Thai Folk Art is a representation of traditional Thai lifestyle. Each painting is a depiction of the native Thai rural life in the ancient time. There are riches of symbolic Thai cultures and traditions portrayed on the artworks. Because Thailand initially has long been a Buddhist country, therefore most of the Folk Painting collections will have Buddhist influences. Royal Thai Art proudly represents Traditional Folk Art and authentic primitive art selection, 100% hand-painted on canvas by talented artists from Thailand. Our exclusive folkart gallery displays works from a caption of a regular village living, Buddhist holiday events, Songkran (Thai New Year), Loy Krathong (Thai Festival), famous scenes from Ramakien Epic, etc. Our Asian artists are also specialized in custom made and commission art upon request. Find your favorite folk paintings and inspirational artworks for home interior from one of the best art galleries online in Southeast Asia with Global shipping available.

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  • narayana

    Narayana Painting

    19,500 ฿
  • Ramakien Giant

    Ramakien Giant Painting

    19,500 ฿
  • phra mae thorani

    Phra Mae Thorani Painting

    19,500 ฿
  • temple painting pagoda painting golden temple painting golden temple wall art temple artwork golden temple painting online angkor wat artwork temple wall art

    Temple Wall Art Painting

    9,500 ฿
  • hanuman painting hanuman wall painting lord hanuman painting hanuman canvas painting hanuman wall art hanuman acrylic painting

    Hanuman Painting

    12,000 ฿
  • songkran thai folk art thailand folk arts thailand art traditional thai art paintings for sale best artists in thailand

    Songkran Thai Folk Art

    12,000 ฿
  • chiang mai temple painting thai temple painting thai temple art modern buddhist paintings thailand arts and paintings for sale

    Chiang Mai Temple Painting

    7,500 ฿
  • junk boat painting chinese junk boat oil paintings chinese junk painting

    Thailand Junk Boat Painting

    13,000 ฿
  • thai lifestyle painting thai folk art thailand art and culture thailand folk arts traditional thai art painting royal thai art

    Thai Lifestyle Painting

    9,500 ฿
  • thai angel painting thai art traditional thailand art paintings for sale online royal thai art

    Thai Angel Painting

    12,000 ฿
  • thai naga painting phaya naga asian folk art thai art thai painting buddhism art traditoonal thai art for sale ancient naga temple naga art

    Thai Naga Painting

    9,800 ฿
  • thai massage art thailand massage painting thai yoga massage thailand art famous traditional thai art paintings

    Thailand Massage Painting

    7,800 ฿
  • thai massage art thailand massage thai yoga massage thailand art famous traditional thai art paintings

    Thai Massage Art

    7,800 ฿
  • ancient temple art thailand art temple painting thai art famous artworks of thailand royal thai art thai drawing

    Ancient Temple Art

    7,800 ฿
  • women painting woman art famous paintings of women lady painting abstract woman art beautiful women paintings

    Beautiful Thai Women Painting

    5,500 ฿
  • garuda thai art garuda painting garuda bird wall art traditional thai paintings for sale

    Garuda Thai Art

    9,000 ฿
  • thai lion painting traditional thai art singha painting thai mythical art golden lion thai art thailand paintings for sale

    Thai Lion Painting

    9,000 ฿
  • thailand culture art folk arts thai painting thailand painting thailand artwork thai artwork thai wall art thai traditional painting for sale

    Thailand Culture Art

    9,500 ฿
  • thai culture art thai painting thailand painting thailand artwork thai artwork thai wall art thai traditional painting thailand paintings for sale

    Thai Culture Art

    9,500 ฿
  • loy krathong festival painting loy krathong art loy krathong day happy loy krathong

    Loy Krathong Festival Painting

    8,900 ฿